Advice & Implementation Team

Moneypenny exclusively employs experienced consultants, specialized in the New Way of Working who have earned their spurs. Our consultants form the core of the Advice & Implementation Team. If necessary, we shall consult experienced experts and trainers within our network specialized for instance in labour law, including Arbo requirements (Dutch Labour Institute) and ICT.

Susan Smulders, Partner

Susan obtained her BA degree at Nijenrode in The Netherlands and her MBAdegeer at IMD in Lausanne, Switserland. She has extensive experience in the corporate world as marketeer and manager, inter alia at KPN and Telfort (telecomms industry). Susan gained her experience as a consultant when she worked at Booz Allen & Hamilton (now called Booz & co). During the past couple of years Susan has been an entrepreneur and is the driving force behind Moneypenny Advice & Implementation. Her strength and passion lie in translating theory to practice in New Way of Working solutions which benefit organisations, employees and society as a whole. Susan on Linkedin.

Marianne Sturman, Partner

Marianne is the founder and managing director of Moneypenny bv, one of the pioneers of the New World of Work. Marianne went to college in the US where she graduated in business administration (BA). She continued her studies in the Netherlands and received her MBA in business administration at the Erasmus University at Rotterdam. She worked amongst others for Xerox and Lucent Technologies. Inspiring and enthusing people for the New Way of Working are Marianne’s forte and she is regularly invited to deliver lectures on the New World of Work.  Her extensive practical experience in the New World of Work forms a valuable asset of Moneypenny’s consultancy unit: Moneypenny Advice & Implementation. Marianne is on the board of the Telewerkforum and was the Porsche woman entrepreneur of the year in 2010.  Marianne on Linkedin.

Denise Clarijs, Associate

Denis’s background is in communications. After graduating from Eindhoven College  (Hogeschool Eindhoven )and the University of Exeter (MA in European PR), she worked in various communications roles for Philips. She, subsequently, worked for years as a communications consultant for Winkelman and Van Hessen, with a special focus on internal communications.  Her strength is the guiding and implementing of procedures for change and  getting organizations on her side. Denise on Linkedin.

Anne-Lies Dubel, Associate

Anne-Lies has a 16-year consultancy experience in the field of strategic and organizational development. She gained internal consultancy experience as a director of strategic and organizational development of USG People N.V. and external consultancy experience as a consultant with Nolan, Nortan & Co. Anne-Lies started her career at the Fortis Bank, first as a management trainee and later as manager of a branch office. She studied business administration and economy at the Free University  (VU) and the College of Higher Economic Studies both at Amsterdam. Her special assets are her ability to rapidly get to the bottom of complex organizational problems, her pragmatism and her ability to enthuse and connect people.  The vision of the New World of Work especially appeals to Anne-Lies as its flexibility and freedom offer an answer to a number of social and organizational challenges. Anne-Lies on Linkedin.

Jeanine Holscher, Associate

Jeanine has been active in the business world for 25 years. After graduating in business administration (BBA) from Nijenrode College she worked amongst others as a consultant for BCG and HEMA. Since 1998 she has been working independently as an interim manager, consultant and coach. She strives to bring people and organizations to growth and prosperity. The New World of Work offers her many starting points.  Jeanine on Linkedin.

Saskia Nijs, Associate

Saskia has extensive experience in management positions withing Sales, Marketing and Communications. With her last employer, Microsoft, she was Marketing and Communications Manager. Saskia is especially fascinated by the theme of leadership. Based on her experience in several management positions within large organizations, Saskia can inspire managers to look differtently at their employees and base their leadership strategiese that was necesary on their own potential.  Saskia was part of the NWW implementation team at Microsoft and played an important role in developing the new leadership style that needed to be adopted in view of the NWW. She brings this experience with her in her work with clients of Moneypenny Advice & implementation. Saskia on Linkedin.